Rapphönan is a network among birdwatching women in Sweden.

About us

Rapphönan (“The Partridge”) is a Swedish national network for female birdwatchers. The aim is to encourage women to start birdwatching and to take an active part in the activities offered by birdwatching organisations and clubs.
The central core of Rapphönan is the mailing list connecting all members. 

Sometimes we organise national meetings, and at a local level pub evenings and excursions in cooperation with regional or local birdwatcher´s clubs.

Rapphönan now also have local groups in different parts of the country.

You can also find us on Facebook: Rapphönans vänner
 open to both men and women.

Rapphönan was founded the 28th of February 2009 by a group of female birdwatchers.

Contact us:
Gigi Sahlstrand (founder), gsahlstrand(at)yahoo.com
Eva Stenvång Lindqvist (webmaster), evastenvang(at)hotmail.com

About us